What kind of props do you carry?

We carry vintage, modern, and handspun props, furniture, lighting, and decor pieces. Our props are handpicked by us. We scour flea markets, garage sales, boutiques, and even big shops like CB2 and Ikea to find amazing decor elements.  If we can't find it, we commission works of art so that we can build dreams. We work side by side with our sister company When Pigs Fly Events, so we know what works when it comes to styling it awesome in an event setting. 

Do you specialize in vintage items?

We LOVE vintage items. Discovering well-crafted vintage decor is like opening a treasure chest. So, yes we carry vintage pieces. However, we are not JUST a vintage prop rental operation. Why you might ask? We don't like limiting our services to a bygone era. There is plenty of stuff made nowadays that deserves a fighting chance to be loved and showcased at an event. We often mix vintage and modern together to achieve really outstanding looks. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue -- right? We cherish it all. 

How far do you deliver?

Our loot knows no boundaries. Need in NYC? Sure, we will ship it out! We often load up the truck and drive up the coast to wine country. We are located in North County San Diego. So, please keep that in mind. We LOVE to travel and so do our treasures. But, we do charge shipping and travel fees. We also house some of our items in Las Vegas where our company shares a home.  Most of our items are flat rate delivery items depending on your location. If you are renting a huge lot of inventory, we just have to talk about it. We are happy to provide a quote.

How do I reserve items?

You can purchase your rentals online anytime. We will handle the logistics and make sure you are all squared away for your big day.  We typically charge in full upon order. This makes it easier for you because its just one less thing to have to worry about when the event approaches. If you prefer/need to make other arrangements, please call. We are accommodating folk. 

Can I change my order after I purchase?

Of course! We can accept changes to your order up until 7 days prior to your event. 

What happens if I have to cancel the entire order?

Things happen. We get it. If you have to cancel your order, we will refund your money back for any cancellations made 60 days prior to the event. 59-30 days prior to the event and we retain 50% of the rental cost but will refund travel fees in full. 29-0 days before the event and we retain the rental fees and travel fees in full.

I broke it. What happens?

Things break all of the time. It's human nature. Don't sweat it too much! But, it does hurt our treasure chest so we do have to think about it. Tabletop and glass items are charged at 3 times the rental rate. If the furniture gets broken, we first try to repair it. We charge a $50 repair fee per item. If we can't repair it and it has to be removed from our inventory, we charge 3 times the rental rate. 

I want to pick it up myself instead of having it delivered. Is this ok?

Right now, we are not offering pick up services. We hope to extend this choice to our clients in early 2016. 

Do you have weekly or hourly rental rates?

Sure do! If you need it for a quick photoshoot (less than 5 hrs) or for a whole weekend, let us know. We will work up a proposal for you. 

I have a dream but no time. Do you make DIY crafts?

That's our specialty. Found something on etsy or pinterest that you love but need it personalized in your own way? We can do that. We employ a team of artists so please note that we do not copy verbatim whatever pictures you might send us. We use it as inspiration. If you need the actual item, we recommend contacting the owner. We like to respect the proprietary awesomeness of fellow artists. 

I love the props but I don't know what to do with them. Can you style it all for me?

Yes, we offer curated style packages. We will be offering a few pre-designed packages. For any other custom packages, just holler. We charge $100 to put together a custom package. All custom packages must include a minimum of $500 in rental props. If you are looking for a more complete design package for the whole event, please contact our sister company When Pigs Fly Events (for custom couture events) or Bash in a Flash (for pre-designed and build-your-own event packages).